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My grandfather drove a New York City taxicab as did my father, my uncle and their cousins. I was literally born in the front seat of a New York city taxicab on the way to Bronx Lebanon Hospital. Oops! It was a certain sign of things to come. My first driving lesson was at the age of 7. My dad was in the passenger seat of his 1962 day-glow orange and green New York City taxicab as he instructed me on how to be a safe driver. After graduating Stuyvesant High School and starting college, I began to drive a NYC taxi part time. Before you could say "You talkin to me?" I was driving a cab full-time and going to college part time, something my mother still yells at me about. Sorry Mom. Driving a cab in NYC gave me insight into habits of real people and became a major influence in my life. The most unique memories are forever embedded in my soul thanks to driving here. I had numerous experiences and have amazing New York city stories. From Warhol to Jagger, from Jacqueline Kennedy to Alan Ginsberg, from Lennon to Art Carney, driving a cab gave me the opportunity to meet and sometimes befriend the world's most famous people at that time. My claim to fame: "Trading Places" with Matt Lauer. Yep, I hosted the TODAY Show with Katie Couric as Matt drove a cab. How many Americans can say they did that?

My proudest moment was organizing a Driver's Expo soon after 9/11, where 500 newly unemployed New Yorkers received their Hack Licenses giving them an opportunity at a new career, or at the very least, a restored source of income. The letters of thanks still bring a tear to my eyes today. I am the Editor-In-Chief of the number one taxi monthly newspaper for the past fifteen years. Ask your taxi driver to let you read it because it has tons of NYC information like monthly book signings, NYC economics etc. In the late 90's I hosted my first taxi themed radio show on WEVD Friday evenings and now I with the 800 pound Gorilla: WOR!. Our guests have included politicians like the Governor, Senators, Congress-members down to local level politicians and specialized guests. I have worked in every aspect of the NYC taxi industry and understand it as well as anyone can. My experience also covers finance and insurance. Today I work with Melrose Credit Union at Member Brokerage Service, LLC. This is a perfect fit for me, as they have one priority: HELPING PEOPLE.

Taxi Dave will bring you a unique New York city perspective not found anywhere else on the radio. Whether you drive, bike, take subways, buses or planes, Taxi Dave (that's me) will discuss issues affecting all of us including what's really on everyone's mind. You will also hear transportation issues like tolls, traffic, MTA, bikes, NYC statistics, recalls, infrastructure and situations not heard anywhere else, all from a working guy's point of view. The best part, it is a live show that you can call! Listen Sunday, you may hear that the car you are driving has been recalled. Wow, that does sound interesting, I am going to tune in too. I look forward to speaking with you Sunday evenings at 8:00 PM.

Most recently I shared some of my personal experiences like almost getting scammed buying a used car, having my wife's car fall off a lift, almost getting scammed again inspecting my daughter's car and lots more. (There are a lot of scammers out there.) It's raining today: One would think that after 30 years of roads flooding in same exact places, the city would fix these dam areas! I don't get it. Anyway, be safe out there boys and girls. Oops, sorry girls I meant to say girls and boys. ARE you talkin to me?

Most recently, the New York Times wrote a wonderful character article on who Taxi Dave is. Simply Google: Taxi Dave Rides the Airwaves