Josh Jalinski has been a Five Star Wealth Manager for the last five years in a row! He was named as an Advisor of the Year by Senior Market Advisor magazine.* He has also been selected for the Top of the Million Dollar Round Table, an association of financial professionals.

Preserving Small Businesses Through Succession with Julie Charlestein

Getting to Zero Tax Bracket with David McKnight

Fan favorite tax strategist and best selling author David McKnight is back with Josh. Together they discuss David's step by step process to get the zero tax bracket in retirement. It's no secret that tax rates are only going up and getting to the zero tax bracket is how to preserve your wealth.

Finding High Yield Returns in A Volatile Market with Brett Owens

Josh is joined by Brett Owens, Chief Investment Strategist for Contrarian Outlook, and co-author of How To Retire On Dividends: Earn a Safe 8%, Leave Your Principal Intact.

Josh and Brett discuss how 8% and higher returns can be safely EARNED and taken as income WITHOUT WITHDRAWAL of ANY principal. Plus, how to find investment opportunities with high yields.

Like in Football, A good Defense Financial Strategy Wins The Game Of Financial Planning.

Josh discusses the importance of making investments that are designed more for protection than growth. Also, some good investment vehicles in times of such inflation stress, and learning from Kevin Kostner's expensive divorce experience, and the need to protect your assets for your heirs. Plus, why Millennials are now thinking more about estate planning.

What is Stagflation and Is It Already Here?

Josh is joined by Peter Earle, economist and writer for The American Institute of Economic Research. They dive into the de-dolarization phenomenon, the strength of bitcoin and whether or not gold is overvalued. Plus, the safe investments that are out there for investors, and the dilemma the Fed faces to battle inflation, while keeping US banks out of harm's way. Also, what is stagflation and are we on our way there?

Navigating Retirement in the 2020s with Bob Carlson

Josh is joined once again by “America’s #1 retirement expert” Bob Carlson, editor of the popular Retirement Watch newsletter and author of Retirement Watch: The Essential Guide to Retiring in the 2020s. Together Josh and Bob unpack how to maintain financial independence in retirement, even in a decade posing new challenges to retirees.

Stan Harley is Back With Some Good News

Stan Harley, editor of the Harley Market letter, is back once again. He joins Josh for a market recap with a detailed look at the cycles that dictate performance. Together Josh and Stan discuss inflation, dollar performance, real estate and more. With risks to avoid and opportunities to seize for anyone looking to get the most out of their investments.

High Yield Interest Accounts That Can Help You Through A Recession

Josh explains the somewhat "bizarre" offset rules that eliminate some public employees from getting Social Security and how you can prepare. Also, Americans are cutting back on spending and increasing savings because of a possible recession. Plus, Josh has information about high yield interest accounts for you.

Can Walmart Help Us Predict The Next Recession?

Josh discusses recent trends of spending at Walmart that may be predictive of a coming recession. Also, should you buy gold right now? Plus, Americans aren't saving enough for retirement, and Josh has some recommendations on how to do just that, and some recession proof stocks to look at.

The Most Important Thing to Pass on to Our Kids with John Seforic

Josh is joined by John Seforic, Author of The Wealthy Gardener: Life Lessons on Prosperity between Father and Son. A #1 Amazon Best Seller (in the wealth and management category). Together they revisit John's book and discuss its continued relevance even in today's turbulent economic climate. The lessons learned from reaching financial independence, and passing those lessons on to his son, are still relevant today.