About The Jersey Joe Show

Media has always been his passion and he begins season 5 July 15th on WOR.

Jersey Joe Sangillo delivers his unique perspective on national and international news and social commentary with a mix of straightforward Jersey attitude against a fun backdrop of pop culture. He is joined by a lineup of rotating guest hosts including notables like Sue Ann Penna, the smart and savvy former host of the online radio show Common Sense NJ, who focuses on state issues, and Paul Sangillo who serves as Contributing Guest Commentator.


Who Is Jersey Joe?

Joe Sangillo brings a unique perspective to news and social commentary. A child of Dominican and Italian descent, he was born and raised in Hudson County, NJ by a single mom who instilled family values, and demanded that he work hard and play fair. Since childhood, Joe was a pop culture enthusiast and a fan of iconic 70s and 80s TV. After graduating in the top of his class and serving as editor of his high school newspaper, he received academic scholarships and attended New York University, while working part-time jobs and juggling internships at respected broadcasters like WCBS-TV and WOR 710AM Radio.

He began his media career at WABC-TV as Assistant Research Director and served as Manager of Program Planning & Scheduling for Lifetime Television, before embarking on a successful career in advertising/syndication sales with PolyGram Television. In the 90s, he achieved success as an actor appearing on soap operas after studying at the Strasberg Theater Institute, and worked as a personal trainer, before returning to the corporate world.

Joe has always had a keen interest in news, pop culture, history and politics, and their impact on the social and economic future of our country. He is founder of JSOmniMedia, a media/consulting firm, and writes and broadcasts commentary on topics that impact people's lives. Media has always been his passion and on July 15th 2018, he begins season 5 on WOR 710 AM.


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