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Gabe Geller on wines for the Sukkot holiday...Sender Rapaport from the Masiba Soup Kitchen

Gabe Geller on kosher wines for the Jewish new year...Rabbi Shea Hect, author of "Confessions Of A Jewish Cultbuster"

Former Acting N.Y.C. Israel Consul General Israel Nitzan on being in Egypt during Arab Spring

Former acting N. Y. C. Israel consul general Israel Nitzan on being in Egypt during the Arab Spring, and how six (6) Israeli security officers thwarted a mod of over 100 who tried to break into the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. He also reflects on twenty-two (22) years of serving Israel in Egypt, the United Nations, and at the Israeli Consulate in New York City.

Dr. Marc Dollinger on why he believes Jews have white privilege

Alan Dershowitz on the newest Trump indictment

Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkopf discussing Orthodoxy

Democratic pollster Stefan Hankin talks about the Democrats, Israel and the Jews.

Guest: Israeli astrophysicist professor Avi Loeb of Harvard on his belief in UFO's and how it's compatible with Judaism

Guest: David Marwell on Dr. Josef Mengele, who carried out the final solution with cruel experiments on Jews

Bryan M. Rigg, author of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military