Tune in to “Mind Your Business” every Sunday at 10pm EST / 9pm CST on 710 WOR and on the iHeartRadio Network, America’s #1 audio company. Mind Your Business focuses on business and marketing strategies for success. Tune in every Sunday evening for this intriguing radio show as Yitzchok interviews Fortune 500 executives, business leaders and marketing gurus from a wide variety of business industries. Yitzchok and his guests offer their knowledge and expertise to help you be successful!

About the Host, Yitzchok Saftlas:

Yitzchok Saftlas is the founder and President of Bottom Line Marketing Group “BLMG,” an award-winning marketing agency helping hundreds of corporate, political and non-profit clients since 1992. Yitzchok’s book: “So, What’s the Bottom Line?” published by Morgan James, contains timeless advice for marketers, seasoned executives and entrepreneurs. Mr. Saftlas hosts the weekly business radio show, “Mind Your Business” on 710 WOR and on the iHeartRadio Network, America’s #1 audio company. Additionally, all episodes are available on all the leading podcasting channels, including: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Player.FM; video episodes are posted on a dedicated YouTube channel, 710 WOR Mind Your Business on YouTube. Additionally, Yitzchok’s columns have been featured in: B-Tank Magazine, Der Yid, Mishpacha Magazine, The Jewish Home and the Yated, international/national publications.

About “BLMG” Bottom Line Marketing Group:

Founded in 1992, BLMG is a strategic, creative and execution-driven marketing agency. We help you scale your business or organization by clarifying and promoting your vision, mission and purpose to support your lead generation and customer retention initiatives. Together, we craft your unique brand narrative and broadcast it consistently across all relevant marketing channels—to scale your enterprise.

Featuring Eli Langer, Host of Kosher Money

Featuring Richard Solomon, Noted Attorney

Featuring Marcus Mackay, CEO of M Perform

Featuring Marc Bodner, Executive Chairperson at L&R Distributors

Featuring Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg, Business Strategy and Marketing Consultant

Featuring insights from corporate leaders

Featuring Rabbi Davit Goldwasser

Featuring Keita Demming, director of development & innovation at The Covenant Group

Featuring Steven Gaffney, communications consultant for Fortune 500 companies

Featuring Richard Solomon, noted attorney