Mark Interviews Best Selling Author Ann Coulter

Mark Takes Your Phone Calls !

Mike from Florida talked about Norman Lear hanging the money-grubbing conservative sign on Republicans. Dave from Chicago talked with Mark about TV and Norman Lear. Lou in Queens asked Mark why the W.H.O. not helping with the Israeli hostages.

Mark's 11:00 Monologue

Writer / Producer Norman Lear died yesterday at 101 years old. Norman created some of the most popular shows of the 70s and 80s. Chuck Schumer is a disaster when it comes to helping New Yorkers. When help i needed he disappers

Mark Interviews Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman

Mark and Bruce talked about how he kept Long Island from becoming a dumping ground for Migrants. They also hit on how the Republicans have been winning elections in Long Island

Mark Takes Your Phone Calls !

Mark let Vincent from Brooklyn talk with Mara from Nevada in a conference call. Mara has the hots for Vincent and has been talking about him for months.

Mark's 10:00 am Monologue

Preident Biden may not be able to launch a nuclear response. Democrats want to tell you what washing machine to use. Colleges have done a poor job protecting Jewish Students from anti-Semitic students.

Hour 1: Former President Trump did in Liz Cheney’s political career after she voted in favor of his Impeachment.

Recently expelled congressman George Santos is now doing Cameo videos. Mark interviews Bill O’Reilly: Mark and Bill talked about NYC not being run by anyone including Mayor Adams. They also hit on Congestion Pricing.

Mark Interviews FOX Contributor Joe Concha

Mark talks with Joe Concha from FOX News about 70% of the public believing President Biden is unethical. Who will watch the republican debate tonight when Trump is on Hannity for the whole hour?

Mark Takes Your Phone Calls !

Victor in Manhattan talked with Mark about President Biden being the worst President. Rich in Queens talked with Mark about Biden appearing on Wheel of Fortune Stuart from South Carolina talked with Mark about the potency of Marijuana.

Mark's 11:00 Monologue

The slanted media hasn’t given Israel a fair shake on their revenge attack on the Oct. Hamas terror attack. Biden will have singer James Taylor on his Bidenomics national tour. President Trump will be on with Sean Hannity tonight on FOX.