Mark Interviews Boston Radio Host Howie Carr

Mark's 10:00 am Monologue

Mayor Adams failed to inform the NYPD of his mentally ill homeless plan. There was an assault weapon ban in the '80s, it changed nothing.

Hour 2: If you’re having trouble falling asleep, Mark suggests you try vitamin D to help you rest.

Biden does not want to get involved with the rail strike talks because it will make him look anti-union. Ann Coulter, Best Selling Author Interview: Ann and Mark talked about Biden not getting involved in the Rail Strike negotiations. Biden is afraid he will lose the Union vote if he pressures them to take less than they want.

Hour 1: The media and anti-Trumpers say that Trump dining with known White Supremacists has ended his chance of ever being President Again.

A hotel maid became ill after she encountered a white powdery substance when she was cleaning a room. The powder came up negative for anything dangerous. Roger Friedman Interview: Roger and Mark talked about Phantom of the Opera getting extended through December.

Mark Interviews Best Selling Author Ann Coulter

Ann and Mark discussed who the democrats will run in 2024 if Biden decides not to. Biden will not get involved with the Rail Strike Negotiations because it will look bad to Union leaders.

Mark's 11:00 Monologue

Mark and Joe discuss the World Cup Soccer Tournament. Mark is not a fan. Pickpockets are now being targeted by MTA and NYPD cops.

Mark's 10:00 am Monologue

A hotel maid became ill after cleaning white powder from a room. The powder was tested and came back negative. Mayor Adams said he will start taking mentally ill homeless people off the streets involuntarily.

Mark Interviews Streaming Host Lionel

Mark and Lionel talked about Julian Assange and the First Amendment. They also talked about the Kennedy assassination

Hour 2: Mark plays some of the best TV show theme songs of all time.

Howard Stern gives Oprah Winfrey a tongue lashing for bragging about her wealth. Lionel Streaming Host Interview: Lionel and Mark talked about Julian Assange and the First Amendment .They also talked about the Kennedy Assassination.

Hour 1:Trump has denounced White Power leaders hundreds of times.

Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo are thinking about running against Trump. I don't think either is very interesting. Bill O'Reilly Interview: Mark and Bill talked about former President Trump appearing with known anti-Semites at his Mar-a-Lago club.