Hour 2: President Biden owes over $800 grand on his house.

Hour 1: Donald Trump is the most famous man in the World.

Why was Trump friend Peter Navarro jailed for refusing to answer a congressional subpoena when it happens all the time and no one else is put in jail? Mark interviews Streaming Host Lionel: Mark and Lionel talked about Stormy Daniels and the Trump trial. Lionel says Trump should have admitted he had sex with Stormy so she wouldn’t have been called to testify.

Mark Interviews Journalist John Fund

John talks with Mark about the 2024 election being fair. John doesn’t believe that early voting is a good idea. They also talked about the Senate races across the country.

Mark Takes Your Calls

Mark talks with Lisa in Florida about golfer Scottie Scheffler getting arrested. Mike in Florida talked with Mark about Biden’s economy killing the middle class.

Mark's 11:00 AM Monologue

The antisemitic plague continues to grow in the Democratic Party. Scottie Scheffler, the top golfer in the PGA was arrested this morning. President Jimmy Carter is said to be on his last leg.

Mark Interviews Streaming Host Lionel

Lionel tells Mark Trump should have said he did have sex with Stormy the she'd never been asked to take the stand. Trump's lawyers destroyed Michael Cohen in cross examination.

Mark Takes Your Calls

Jack in Westchester talked with Mark about Romney turning his back on Trump. Blauvelt in Florida talked with Mark about college protesters.

Mark's 10:00 am Monologue

Michael Cohen was destroyed during cross-examination yesterday. There are two lawyers on the Trump jury. Trump is the most famous man in America.

Hour 2: Bill Maher said Louie CK should be allowed back into Comedy.

Sen. Bob Menendez blames his corruption charges on his wife. Mark interviews bestselling author Ann Coulter interview: Mark and Ann talked about the treatment Trump is getting in his trial. Mark watched a Stormy Daniels Film. Why did President Clinton get treated with care when he was accused of sexual misconduct?

Hour 1: The Trump-Biden debates will take place in June and September.

Why does Biden get to make the debate rules? Mark interviews Economist Steve Moore: Mark and Steve talked about the Biden-Trump debate schedule. The debates are always moderated by a progressive. They also hit on sky-high gold prices.