Why Donald Trump's Mugshot Will Backfire Big Time

Political Analyst Raymond Arroyo: 

“That mugshot situates Trump in a cultural context that I’m not sure his enemies may have anticipated, now he joins Frank Sinatra, he joins Elvis Presley, he joins Johnny Cash, and Tupac Shakur.”

Arroyo continued, “Meaning he is now seen by nonpolitical folks as a rebel, an outsider with swagger, and as one Black lady I spoke with earlier today here in New Orleans said, ‘Trump’s a gangsta’, and that means he has cred among a new block of voters that perhaps have never given him a serious look and now they are looking again. This is interesting what’s happened here.”

"Trump now enters the pantheon of a pop culture icon now with this image and the way they’re marketing it.”

This now helps Trump with young voters, a group that Joe Biden has become very weak in. The backfire has begun.

Trump’s mugshot was released by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department in Georgia on Thursday after the former president was arrested and booked on charges related to his attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

The mugshot instantly went viral and Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign seized the opportunity to profit from the image by plastering it on t-shirts, mugs, and beer koozies.

Watch the Best Donald Trump Description Of His Mugshot:


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