Why Not a May 29th Committee To Investigate the Democrats Insurrection?

Look up the May 29th, 2020 riots in front of the White House. In the blocks before the White House, violent rioters, looted and burned everything in site and headed for the White House gates.  

The only thing that made this different from January 6th is that unlike Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump was prepared and had massive amounts of security standing by.

The White House had to use a massive amount of force that night to stop the rioters who were trying to come over the fence. 67 Secret Service officers were wounded and sent to the hospital and the President had to be removed to a secure bunker for safety.

There were times overnight when America's capital city descended into chaos, with running battles between rioters and police through the streets.

This was more violent than January 6th and if anything would qualify as an "insurrection" seizing the White House would be it. Yet, no investigation, no panel, no commission, no one thrown in jail without bail. Here are some videos of that night:

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