There's One Super Fruit You Should Eat To Boost Memory and Ward Of Dementia

Cranberries may be the ‘superfruit’ you should be eating daily to boost memory, ward off dementia

A daily handful of cranberries can help strengthen memory and protect against Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-related conditions, according to new research. British scientists reveal that the superfruit, most often eaten with turkey on Thanksgiving, boosts recall by increasing blood flow to the brain.

Researchers at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom say people who ate a small bowl a day had better memory after just 12 weeks. Scans show that more blood was flowing to the brain

“Cranberries are rich in these micronutrients and have been recognized for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties,” 

Doctors recommend eating cranberries raw or blended rather than consuming them in juice, which is often laden with sugar. The sharp taste, which puts many off, is diluted by eating them with breakfast cereals or other foods.

Cranberries are hailed a “superfood” due to their high nutrient content. They have been linked to combating urinary tract infections, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

“Demonstrating in humans cranberry supplementation can improve cognitive performance and identifying some of the mechanisms responsible is an important step for this research field,”

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