How To Activate and Use the SECRET BUTTON On Your iPhone

Your iPhone’s Apple logo can turn into a secret button – here’s how to ‘unlock’ ‘Back Tap’

If you have an iPhone then you need to try this hidden feature that utilizes the Apple logo on the back of your phone.

Apple iPhones come equipped with several clever features, one of these features includes “Back Tap.”

What is ‘Back Tap?’

‘Back Tap’ is an iOS 14 feature that was launched on September 16, 2020.

The feature lets iPhone users turn the Apple logo on the back of their device into a secret button.

‘Back Tap’ is not on by default and therefore requires iOS users to set it up manually.

Because ‘Back Tap’ is hidden deeply in ‘Settings,’ many users are unaware of its existence.

The feature is extremely multifunctional and comes with a wide variety of options.

Both the ‘Double Tap’ and ‘Triple Tap’ options can perform an extensive list of options including ‘App Switcher,’ ‘Camera,’ ‘Control Center,’ ‘Lock Screen,’ ‘Mute,’ ‘Notification Center,’ ‘Screenshot,’ ‘Siri,’ and ‘Spotlight.’

There is also a ‘Siri Shortcuts’ option at the bottom of the list, which displays your shortcuts, if you have any, as options.

How to set up ‘Back Tap’

To set up “Back Tap” on your iPhone, first, you need to make sure your iOS system is running on 14 or later.

Next, you must head to your ‘Settings’ > ‘Accessibility’ > ‘Touch’ > ‘Back Tap.’

Once you’ve reached ‘Back Tap,’ you can decide to set up a ‘Double Tap,’ a ‘Triple Tap,’ or both.

Simply tap on the option(s) you want and select from the list of shortcuts.

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