Watch How Many Times Democrat Protests Had 'Hang Donald Trump' Signs

Totally biased Fake News, has been obsessed with the January 6th protest at the capitol, yet dismissed the other 370 riots around the country that were far more violent and sent 1000's to the hospital, as harmless.

Fake News is particularly obsessed with a protestor who held up a 'Hang Mike Pence' sign. No one wanted to hang Mike Pence. It was strictly a symbolic protest sign. During Donald Trump's presidency 'Hang Donald Trump' signs were common and the media never even thought it was worth mentioning. They ignored it each time. Here is one example below that mainstream media ignored:

Again, it happened all the time with liberal protestors, lots of 'hang Donald Trump' signs:


Photo: Getty Images

Now watch the biased and totally obsessed George go after a Republican Senator for 10 minutes over the 'hang Mike Pence' sign:

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