Read a Great Poem By Bono About Radio

The Radio

It’s all around

Sense-around sound

I can be looking at any direction, but the single sees me

The radio is above and below us

The radio sees around corners

The radio sees through me

The red light is on

We’re going live

Live is where we live 

I mean a disc jockey motormouth can hold a country together

Or split it apart

Talk show hosts can talk a jumper off a ledge

Or make you want to be that jumper

Yeah, unfunny jokes, quick fire wit, but you stood in for me

You were there when I wasn’t

You kept her company as she dressed herself and the kids and drove them to school

Laughing out loud with no one in the car

Sparring with the traffic lights under the influence of radio

You gave some of us permission to exist

Some of us who didn’t exist before

College radio

Live transmission

No static in the attic at the college of musical knowledge

Nothing but the best, taking your requests

From the boys behind the bleachers to the girls along the beaches

Coming through your speakers

Waiting at the station to take your dedication 

Toll free and clear spoken

Listener lines are open

Standby for a Special replay

Coming from your DJ

Your rock jocks

God’s jukebox

Here’s the number to call

No static at all

  • Bono

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