The Truth About The Disastrous Leadership Of Andrew Cuomo

What Nerve! Andrew Cuomo Wrote a Book On Great Leadership

Despite the fact that New York is now a disaster under his leadership:

A) the state went from flourishing to totally broke and on the brink of bankruptcy, requiring a $60 billion bailout from the Feds.

B) the state currently has it's biggest crime spike ever. It's two largest cities, NYC and Rochester both out of control with their policing and public safety.

C) the state has more people fleeing it than any other state in America. People are leaving at all time record numbers, for any state. Moving companies now report a 4 month waiting list and can't get enough moving vans to handle all the business. U-Haul reports all time record business from people fleeing New York state. His state is now on track, for the first time, to actually lose Congressional seats because of the population drop.

His handling of the Coronavirus Outbreak was a Bumbling Mess

A) He began the lockdown weeks late. Community transmission was underway at the beginning of March. As the virus rapidly spread, officials were calling for lockdown, even the incompetent Mayor of NYC, Bill De Blasio, called for closing the schools and beginning the lockdown in early March. As late as March 19, with other states already locked down, Governor Cuomo still said such a move was unnecessary, arguing, “I’m as afraid of the fear and the panic as I am of the virus, and I think that the fear is more contagious than the virus right now.”

It took till March 20th for Governor Cuomo to finally give into pressure and order his state to lockdown. Tom Frieden, who served as the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under President Barack Obama, told the New York Times that NY state could have reduced its death toll by 50 to 80 percent if it locked down a week or two earlier.

B) HIS DEADLIEST DECISION was the crazy order he issued forcing the state's nursing homes to take in coronavirus patients, despite the fact that they were not hospitals and had none of the things needed to control the spread of infection. His own health department confirms that this forced 7000 coronavirus positive patients into nursing homes, spreading the disease throughout them and killing 15,000 seniors by many estimates. This crazy decision was the single biggest cause of Coronavirus deaths in New York.

What made this decision by Governor Cuomo truly insane was the fact that President Trump had quickly built him a state of the art 1000 bed hospital in the Javits Convention Center and sent him a 1000 bed hospital ship, both of which the Governor never bothered to use.

He later denied this deadly disastrous decision with a series of bizarre excuses that were quickly debunked.

His destruction of New York City - home of half his constituents

As riots, arson and looting engulfed NYC, and the incompetent mayor was unable to handle it, Governor Cuomo never sent in or used the National Guard and restore order. Weeks and weeks of rioting, looting and arson continued with no National Guard to even guard the streets. A total failure of leadership. The cost of the destruction and damage in New York was astronomical, also forcing hundreds of thousands more people to flee the city. Crime and shooting spread throughout the city.

The streets of NYC quickly filled with homeless, junkies, huge piles of garbage, all under Andrew Cuomo's watch. Some days during his TV briefings he would acknowledge all of this and even say it should be fixed, without ever doing a thing to fix it. Still hasn't.

His huge crime spike

More insanity from Andrew Cuomo. He happily signed into law a bill that changed the criminal justice system in NY so that criminals were immediately released without bail, and sent back into the streets. Part of the new legislation even called for these criminals to be given, within 15 days, the name and address and cell number of the victims who might be a witness against them. Obviously, no one with any basic common sense, let alone leadership skill, would sign such illogical legislation into law.

We could go on and on, but you get the point. For him to write a book on great leadership is industrial strength chutzpah

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