Here's Why Everyone Needs To Stop Listening To Dr. Fauci

He's Always Wrong

His predictions and forecasts have been wrong. Many examples below.

If you were listening to me in February constantly saying Coronavirus was nothing to worry about, just another flu, no big deal, that was from Dr. Fauci telling me that.

At the end of January, he was telling everyone not to worry, the virus wouldn't come here.

Through February he kept saying there was no need to change our behavior or do anything differently.

In early March, he told people to go to the movies, said it was safe to take a cruise.

In March he told people not to wear Masks, that there was no reason to. Imagine if only we had all started wearing masks then, how much of the enormous spread that followed could have been avoided. Take a look at Dr. Fauci's very bad advice in the second week of March:

He puts on a great act on TV,

now pretending to be a great champion of masks and wears one at all times on camera. But as soon as the camera goes off he can't yank the mask off fast enough. Watch:

Then Why Does He Still Get Such Great Press?

He has been in the federal government way too long, 37 years and is a real politician. In Washington, he's been called 'J. Edgar Hoover with a stethoscope'

The Fauci public relations arm has spent many years carefully developing a very close relationship with the media. He spent much of his career buttering up TV anchors, is secretly on the phone with them every day, and that's why they love to call him "America's Leading Infectious Disease Expert" rather than do their job and point out all the mistakes he's made and all of his totally wrong predictions.

At White House briefings you can even see him sending secret signals to the left wing reporters like Jonathan Karl and Jim Acosta. Watch:

But, the Biggest Problem Is the BAD Advice He Has Been Giving Everyone. Just a Few Examples:

On January 21st he said “Americans Don't Need To Worry About Coronavirus:

Dr. Fauci says he warned Trump in January that the US was in real trouble but that is not what he was saying at the time. In January Dr. Anthony Fauci told Newsmax TV and other networks that the United States “did not have to worry”about the coronavirus and that it was“not a major threat.”

Dr. Fauci warned of an apocalyptic coronavirus pandemic — then just weeks later he compared the coronavirus to a bad flu.

Dr. Fauci said on February 8th: 'Danger of getting coronavirus now is just minisculely low':

Dr. Anthony Fauci on February 29th tells the Today Show that there is NO NEED for the public to change their behavior over concern for Coronavirus:

On March 9th, Dr. Anthony Fauci recommends taking a cruise, tells Forbes Magazine that if you’re healthy, cruise ships are safe:

There are many, many more examples. I learned the hard way to stop listening to him.

The President did too.

Fake News will continue to defend him, as part of the get Donald Trump agenda, but everyone needs to tune him out.

He has been giving bad advice and wrong forecasts every step of the way - especially in the first two months of the year, costing us valuable time to prepare for the crisis.

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