Watch a Young Joe Biden Insult a Voter and Lie

Watch this video from 1988 and see a young Joe Biden is running his first Presidential campaign. Watch when a voter asks him about his education, Biden insults him and then completely lies about his education.

He didn’t attend Delaware State but the University of Delaware, instead.

His recollection of his education was muddled. While he did graduate from the University of Delaware, it’s clear that he was more interested in playing football and entertaining the ladies than studying, graduating 506th in a class of 688 with just a “C” average. Biden claimed that he received three degrees but later recanted when confronted with the facts: “I said three and I should have said two.” But even that was incorrect: He earned a single Bachelor of Arts degree in history and political science.

Somehow, however, that was enough for Biden to earn a full ride scholarship to Syracuse University, graduating “in the top half of my class in law school,” according to the presidential candidate. When James Dickenson looked into the matter more closely, he wrote in the Washington Post that Biden attended law school on a half-scholarship based not on academic prowess but on financial need, graduating near the bottom of his class, at 76 out of 85 students.

He later apologized for misrepresenting his record. Here’s theNew York Times report published soon after the incident.

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