Watch a Totally Unknown, Secret De Niro/Scorsese Film

This is a very strange little film. It's 16 minutes long, it stars De Niro alongside Leo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, was written by Terence Winter of The Sopranos and The Wolf of Wall Street, and it somehow cost $70 million. Commissioned to mark the opening of casinos in Macau and Manila, the plot follows DiCaprio and De Niro as they pitch themselves for Scorsese's new film. This is still the only collaboration between DiCaprio, De Niro and Scorsese, and that they wasted it on this tosh is criminal.

Scorsese's had it up to here with his two muses, you see. But then, who should he spot? Only bloody Brad Pitt! Pitt gets the part, De Niro and DiCaprio slope off into the night and everyone goes home extremely well remunerated. Pitt, De Niro and DiCaprio reportedly snaffled $13 million apiece for a couple of days' shooting in New York. Bizarre.