Watch a Preview Of the New Frank Sinatra Movie

Here's the trailer for the new feature film "Frank and Ava" coming soon to theaters and video release Spring 2019. The tumultuous Hollywood love story between a down and out Frank Sinatra and MGM's sultry starlet, Ava Gardner. In this little known period in the crooner's life, Frank risks it all chasing the mercurial Ava while desperately trying to make a comeback as he lobbies for the role of Maggio in From Here to Eternity. Featuring Eric Roberts, Luka Haas, Richard Portnow, Jonathan Silverman, Domenick Lombardozzi, Robert Costanzo, Robert Miano, John Capodice, Johnny Williams and Harry Dean Stanton. Also with appearances by Katherine Helmond, Shirley Jones, Terry Moore, and a new solo by Dionne Warwick.