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It's about being inspiring.

It's about listening.

It's about changing lives.

Teaching means so many things.

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The world's best instructors don't just teach; they are a master in their field. They have an unbridled passion for their profession and a desire to make a difference by inspiring their students to excel in their future.

Introducing the Lincoln Tech Excellence in Education Award – An award that shines a light on those who represent the highest standards of teaching and public service.

Is there a teacher that makes a difference in your life? Tell us who they are and what they do to continually go above and beyond for their students. As a thank you, you’ll qualify to win concert tickets, gift cards and more. You'll also qualify to win a thousand dollars from 710 WOR! $500 for you, and $500 for a teacher!

Lincoln Tech – Recognizing America's Educators in Excellence


Mr. Michael Perez

Mr. Michael Perez

Medical Assistant Instructor

Lincoln Tech Iselin, NJ campus

"He helped me through my phlebotomy class. He made sure we really understood the assignments and subjects. He was also there if we needed anything and so understanding." - Crystal R

Mr. Demetri Cherpelis

Mr. Demetri Cherpelis

Electrical & Electronic Systems Technology Instructor

Lincoln Tech Queens Campus

After only 5 months of teaching at Lincoln Tech, Mr. Cherpelis has made a great impact. He dedicates his time after his day job to teach his students and is very patient and willing to go the extra mile to make sure they understand the lesson. He teaches his students not only the basics but beyond the basics, as well as how to handle every obstacle in their own way. - Rafael L

Mrs. Kathleen Astrella

Mrs. Kathleen Astrella

District Supervisor of Visual & Performing Arts

Kearny High School in New Jersey

“She always goes above and beyond with all of her students. She remembers her students that have graduated and continues to assist them after they graduate.” - Mike H

Mr. William DeVries

Mr. William DeVries

Automotive Technology Instructor

Lincoln Tech Mahwah, NJ campus

"As I first enrolled in this program I was hesitant that I would be able to fit in this field as a female. DeVries has always been very encouraging and me really not knowing much about cars, I learned a lot more with him. I am currently working at a PepBoys as a general service tech, without that little push or advice he had given to us not sure if would even be working in something I now love and enjoy doing." - Vanessa M

Mr. Brian Casey

Mr. Brian Casey

Physical Education & Health Teacher

Woodbridge High School

The teacher I am nominating is my husband. His students not only look at him as a teacher, but as someone they can trust and come to if they have a problem. I truly believe my husband has saved lives because of the fact that students have come to him with problems they are having at home, anxiety, and so much more. Brian teaches physical education and health, which to many, he is just a gym teacher, but to me and his students, he is one of the best teachers I have ever met. He is planning on becoming an administrator and I have no doubt that he will reach that goal and be the best at it.” - Jaime C

Mr. Marvin Harris

Mr. Marvin Harris

Diesel Instructor

Lincoln Tech South Plainfield, NJ campus

Nominated by Jim Kuntz, Campus President and Tim O'Connor, Director of Education- "Mr. Harris is probably one of the toughest instructors on students when it comes to teaching….and he goes as far as to even tell them so, and it's all because he takes it personally that when they leave this school they represent him and his alma mater. Mr. Harris is a graduate of Engine City who we acquired. He gives the students real world activities in the classroom and shop. He personally customized the electric class so he could create "bugs" in the electric boards for students to fix….most recently he took 4 students out in the shop and took one of our older model trucks and had them re-wire the whole truck giving the students an experience they would not have had under the normal day to day activities of the school learning process."