NYC Reopens After 100 Days With COVID-19 - Here's What You Can Expect

After 100 days since our first reported case of COVID-19, New York City is beginning phase 1 after months of being shutdown on Monday, June 8th.

It is expected that between 200,000 and 400,000 people are expected to return to work with the reopening of jobs in manufacturing and construction. New York City has lost at least 15,900 people to the virus, the actual toll could be as high as 21,000, due to people who died before they even knew to get help.

Many people returning to work today to public health challenges and a loss in revenue. Commuters will find daytime subway scheduled back to usual with signs showing people how far apart to stand. The 1am to 5am subway shutdowns that began in May to disinfect the train cars will continue.

So what exactly is in Phase I? Construction, manufacturing, wholesalers and previously “nonessential” retailers resume work with restrictions. Retailers reopen for delivery and pickup, though customers can't yet go inside to shop. This is all to prepare New York City for Phase II in which Mayor Bill de Blasio says could happen in early July. New York state required employees to conduct employee health screening. The staff will also be reminded to monitor their health closely and stay home if they are sick. Below is another breakdown of what Phase I will bring for the city.


Restart for the city will see an estimated 400,000 people get back to work. 

Tens of thousands of non-essential construction projects can resume and non-essential retailer can open for curbside delivery 

Retail businesses authorized to reopen for curbside and in-store pick up:

- Clothing stores

- Shoe stores

- Sporting goods, hobby, musical instrument and bookstores

- Electronics and appliance stores

- Electronic shopping and mail-order houses

- Furniture and home furnishing stores

- Florists

- General merchandise stores

- Health and personal care stores

- Jewelry, luggage, and leather goods stores

- Lawn and garden supplies stores

- Office supplies, stationery, and gift stores

- Used merchandise stores

- Other miscellaneous store retailers

Manufacturing businesses authorized to reopen such as:

- Apparel manufacturing

- Computer and electronic product manufacturing

Many Wholesale Trade businesses are authorized to reopen such as:

- Furniture and home furnishing merchant wholesalers

- Household appliances and electrical and electronic goods merchant wholesalers

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