MTA Will Remove Homeless from Subway System

The MTA has announced a crackdown on homeless people in the subways.

NYC Transit President Andy Byford said during a Monday board meeting that station managers have been told to remove those who cause problems.

“Warming up is one thing, but being offensive, obnoxious and antisocial is another and that we’re not prepared to tolerate,” Byford said.

Riders complain that the homeless lie down and sleep on the train.  They said that inconveniences those who are using the subway to get to work or their home.

"They take up the whole seat, but no one has nowhere to sit.  You've gotta stand.  They gotta take their journey by standing to their destination," one rider told WOR's Alice Stockton-Rossini.

He said not all the homeless would be removed.  Byford said they would be allowed to stay if they’re taking up just one seat and acting appropriately.

“Lying across a seat or behaving in an antisocial manner or making a mess is not acceptable,” Byford said.

Byford later said that the homeless must be treated compassionately, but commuters deserve a clean and safe trip on the subway.

Some New Yorkers said the needed help isn't there for the homeless.  They argued that the high cost of living in the city also contributes to the problem.

"I know seven people right now that had good jobs and they can't afford the rent," one rider said.  "They come out here.  I know some people that work and their in shelters.  They can't afford the rent."

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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