Gov. Cuomo Makes Push for Congestion Pricing to Fix Subways

Governor Andrew Cuomo is renewing his call for congestion pricing in Manhattan to repair and upgrade the city's subway system.

The MTA has unveiled a $30 billion plan to make needed fixes and improvements to the system, such as replacing the outdated signal system.  However, the state and city are at odds over how to pay for it.

The only realistic option is congestion pricing," Governor Cuomo said.

The governor's plan would charge drivers more for entering parts of Manhattan during peak travel times.  He said he wants to get it done next year.

"It's going to require the largest investment in history - $30 billion. It is something that we have to do. And we have to come to terms with it," Cuomo said.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has stood in the way of congestion pricing.  He argues the city can't afford to pay anymore and he's pushed for a millionaire's tax.  But Cuomo said congestion pricing is the only realistic option to fund the repairs.

"Everything else is political blather, 'well, ideally we would like to have a millionaire's tax.' Yes, I wish I could be an elected official who lived in the ideal. Unfortunately, I'm an executive so I actually have to get things done," Cuomo said.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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