Left Turn with Rob and Ethan

Left Turn with Rob and Ethan

710 WOR-AM Sundays 5:30pm – Left Turn with Rob and Ethan

New on WOR, "Left Turn with Rob and Ethan" starting on Sunday October 30th at 5:30pm. This is a reality based discussion of news and issues from left of center featuring Rob Carlson and Ethan Winer. No conspiracies, no Big Lies or small, just facts and intelligent talk about what really matters today and tomorrow. Listeners are invited to call and talk about whatever is on their minds within the limits of politics, social and cultural issues, and of course, sanity. If you think George Soros and Hilary Clinton are exploiting children out of the basement of a pizza parlor don't call. If you want an honest discussion about life in the real world, call in to Rob and Ethan and get it off your chest. For real talk about real life, take a left turn to "Left Turn with Rob and Ethan" - reality based progressive radio.

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Co-Host Rob Carlson Bio:

Rob Carlson

Rob Carlson is a writer, singer/songwriter and comedian with a long career in entertainment, advertising and radio as a writer, performer and producer. Credits include song parodies for American Comedy Network and ABC radio networks, fourteen years touring with award winning comedy trio Modern Man, several albums of his songs and hundreds of jingles, commercials and corporate scripts and music.

Co-Host Ethan Winer Bio:

Ethan Winer

Ethan Winer (http://ethanwiner.com) has earned a living as a professional musician, computer programmer, circuit designer, recording engineer, technical writer, acoustician, and college instructor. Ethan has more than 200 feature articles published in various computer and audio magazines. He's produced dozens of educational and music videos, and composed four pieces for full orchestra. He is currently a principal at RealTraps (http://realtraps.com), a Connecticut manufacturer of high-quality acoustic treatment.