Health is Wealth with Dana Parisi & Rob LaRocca

About the Host, Dana Parisi

Dana Parisi has been in radio since 2006, most recently as a morning show personality on a Top 40 station. She’s a self proclaimed pop culture expert & loves anything music related. She recently lost 100 pounds naturally with the help of Health is Wealth co-host & personal trainer, Rob LaRocca. She’s educated herself on all aspects of health & wellness & now dedicates her time to helping others live a healthy lifestyle by coaching people on diet & healthier options.

About the Host, Rob LaRocca

Rob LaRocca

Rob LaRocca born in Staten Island, NY. 27 years old and owner of LaRocca Fitness in Staten Island. Certified in personal training as well as nutrition . My programs are centered around not only HIIT & functional weight loss but also mental health and habit change.

Married with 2 children and I am a partner with my wife Amanda in another company called LaRocca Wellness which provides vitamin i.v therapy and injections for recovery and health issues.

About the Show

“Your health is your greatest wealth”. When your healthy you are more productive, you have more confidence, you sleep better and your brain works to it’s highest potential. Each week, the show will cover; mental, physical and emotional health and relate it to the hottest trends and provide you with tips, tricks and valuable information from a variety of guests that you can use to get in shape and live a healthier more satisfying life.

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