Buck Sexton Goes To Washington To Meet With President Trump

WOR evening host (6-8pm) Buck Sexton traveled to Washington, D.C. recently at the request of President Trump. The President is a long-time fan of Buck’s, and has great respect for his intelligence expertise. 

“It was about the only invitation imaginable that would have gotten me on the ghost train from Manhattan to D.C.,” said Sexton.

Upon entering the Oval Office, Buck said the Commander in Chief told him he has “the best hair on TV.” 

Sexton said, “Being inside the Oval Office feels oddly like walking into a place you’ve known all your life. It looks exactly the way you think it does. It’s appeared in so many TV shows and movies at this point, you could probably sketch it out on a piece of paper and get most of the details right without ever having seen it in person.”

Buck spent about 30 minutes in the Oval Office with Trump, discussing everything from national security to New York City and the nation’s future economically. Listen Below!

Photo Credit: Official White House photographer Shealah Craighead

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