Vaccine mandates appear to be working at getting injection rates up, meaning that people like New York City's police and fire department members are running out of excuses not to get them.

   Speaking on the WOR 710AM Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program, Dr. Arthur Caplan, professor of bioethics at NYU Langone Medical Center, suggested that employees are free to reject a vaccine, but employers, conversely, are free to reject unvaccinated workers. "Do they have to get vaccinated? No. Do they have to be employed? No... Let's make it clear... you want to be able to work, I think you've got to be vaccinated."

   New York City police and fire department members who are anti-vaccination are in a shrinking minority. "It is amazing how well these mandates work,” said Caplan. “You tell somebody you can't work and, boy, they start to change their minds about vaccinations."

   Dr. Caplan added that vaccine rates are heading up as a result: "What I'm seeing is rates moving from 70% unvaccinated to 96%.” He added that refusing to get vaccines in the United States defies logic when much of the rest of the world is clamoring for vaccination.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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