WATCH: Curtis Sliwa Stops Crazed Man In The Bronx

Video Warning - Language

Republican Candidate for Mayor Curtis Sliwa stopped a man who was randomly going off on strangers in the Bronx last night.

“Relax, relax,” Sliwa told the man, who continued with his rant, yelling things like, “You lie” and “You never fed me” as he pointed his finger and tried to approach people on the street.

The video ends with Sliwa putting his arm out to block the madman, who continued to yell racial slurs at the passer buys.

“I was the only thing standing between him and a crowd ready to pounce,” Sliwa said, adding the man was “a danger to himself and clearly others and there is no one to call in NYC to get this man off this street.”

No 911 calls were ever made.

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