Do You Know How Far Can You Drive When Your Car’s “Empty” Light Comes On?


That damn “empty” light is one of the biggest argument starters between significant others during the time they share on the road. One of you says it’s fine and you can go another 20 miles, and the other is freaking out and looking for the AAA card…just in case. Thanks to Your Mechanic, we now know how much gas is left when that light goes on in the 50 top selling cars in the U.S. You can see the full list HERE, but here’s a look at the top ten:

  • Chevy Silverado –25 miles
  • Ford Fusion –35-80 miles
  • Ford F150 –35-80 miles
  • Honda Accord –70-93 miles
  • Honda CR-V –62-78 miles
  • Honda Civic –59-80 miles
  • Nissan Altima –81-114 miles
  • Ram 1500 –63-87 miles
  • Toyota Camry –65-91 miles
  • Toyota Corolla –60-84 miles

Source:Your Mechanic