Political Commentator Rob Astorino: Not One Redeeming Quality About Cuomo

Political Commentator Rob Astorino said that Gov. Cuomo does not have one redeeming quality while on the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show.

"There is not a redeeming quality about Andrew Cuomo and people will tell you that who know him including most democratic elected officials who can't stand him," said Rob.

Len asked Rob if he is planning to run for Governor down the road after taking shots at Cuomo during the interview.

"Even if I were I've been taking these shots since 2014 when I did run against him and I talked about this corruption back then and everytime the bread crumbs lead to Cuomo he shuts down the investigation," said Rob.

To hear the full interview with Rob check out the podcast below...