Alex Castellanos: Important For Republicans To Find An Alternative To Trump

ABC News Political Analyst Alex Castellanos said that the Republican party needs to find an alternative to Donald Trump or else he will be running again.

"The biggest issue with Republicans is can they provide an alternative? Usually we wait until 2023 but we need one more to fill this vacuum. If not I'll be back said the Terminator and Trump will," said Alex during his appearance on the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show.

Michael asked Alex if he believes that now that the Democrats have all the power the Republicans will be locked out of politics for years to come.

"Yes they will be and the easiest thing for them to do first is D.C. statehood but there is one more thing that might happen which is trying to bar Trump from holding another federal office," said Alex.

To hear the full chat with Alex check out the podcast below...