SCOTUS Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Completes Questioning

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has completed the questioning phase of the confirmation process, and once again, the welcome she received in chambers was largely dependent on which side of the aisle was asking the questions.

Before proceedings were completed, she was again being pressed on the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare). Barrett said she has no hostility toward the landmark healthcare law and testified that she has neither an "agenda," nor has she cut a deal with President Trump to vote to repeal the law.

Barrett was also asked if she believed anyone – including President Trump – was “above the law” and she said they weren’t. In a more notable moment with Senator Kamala Harris, there was a bit of a moment where Harris tried to corner Barrett into revealing her thoughts on climate change. Barrett refused to weigh in, calling the issue a "very contentious matter of public debate” that’s “inconsistent with the judicial role.”

Source: C-SPAN

Photo Credit: Getty Images