Number of Radical Groups Has Increased Says ABC News's Brad Garrett

ABC News Crime & Terrorism Analyst Brad Garret says that the number of radical groups in the U.S. has gone up!

"The questions is how big are they and how organized are they I think it's hard to get your arms around that because it's a locally driven phenomenon," says Garrett while on the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show. He went onto say that law enforcement is majorly concerned if President Trump loses the election because they would feel like they have to protect their guy.

Michael asked Brad if the plot to kidnap the Michigan Governor was well organized or just a bunch nutjobs.

"They picked her summer home and even had blueprints to it so they would know what the inside would look like. The plan was to kidnap her, try her for treason, and eventually kill her," said Garrett.

To hear the full conversation with Brad check out the podcast below...