Nancy Pelosi Reacts To Trump’s Stimulus Pitch

It's been six months since the federal government shot out the first round of coronavirus stimulus checks and many people are eager for another. And while President Trump dumped talks, then appeared to reopen them – asking for a stand-alone bill – no one should start expecting one anytime soon.

Following his initial tweet, President Trump added that the House and Senate should immediately pass measures to give 25-billion-dollars for airlines and another 135-billion-dollars for small businesses. He said the money is already available and he will sign it immediately.

How warm is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the concept? Ice cold. Speaking to reporters, Pelosi says “people are dying because the Trump administration has contempt for science.” As for the money, she slammed Trump for abruptly halting negotiations and says millions of families are struggling with the economic impacts of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. She also hinted at a commission looking into his mental fitness.

Source: C-SPAN