Trump Is Back At The White House

President Trump is now back at the White House – but he doesn’t have a clean bill of health – he will continue treatment for coronavirus. After returning home, Trump walked unaided up the stairs and to a balcony. He then removed his mask, gave two thumbs up and saluted as Marine One lifted off.

While the Internet has been armchair quarterbacking about Trump’s release, his doctors say they agreed he was improving enough to go home. They also confirmed today he's on several medications and say he's not out of the woods yet.

As for how he’s really doing? Hard to tell – though videos circulating online shortly after Trump’s return home appear to show Trump having a difficult time breathing. In fact, the hashtag #gaspingforair began trending last night on Twitter with the video of Trump standing on a balcony and appearing to be working to breathe. He also posted his own video saying he's on the mend.

Source: USA Today