Trump Addresses America From The Hospital

It’s been an eventful weekend for President Trump. Aside from a coronavirus diagnosis, he ended up in Walter Reed Army Hospital...and while the Twitterverse has been alight with everything from well wishes to sick wishes...and even conspiracy theories about his ‘not being sick at all,’ he’s been doing his best to keep up appearances.

New pictures released by the White House and posted by Ivanka Trump show the President at work while hospitalized – taking part in a phone call with Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Pompeo and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in his conference room at Walter Reed Medical Center.

But then, he also posted a video thanking his supporters – before packing into a vehicle for a drive-by outside the hospital – something he’s also been served plenty of criticism for. The White House insists it was safe for Trump to do so. While he returned, his doctors say his condition is improved and he could be released later today.

Source: White House