Trump Claims Victory In First Presidential Debate

While Americans on both sides of the aisle have lit up their social media feeds with their negative reactions to Tuesday night’s presidential debate, President Trump says he "really enjoyed" it. Speaking at a rally in Minnesota, Trump told supporters that the verdict is he "won big" against Democratic nominee Joe Biden – though any number of polls disagree with that.

The President also claimed the event had the highest ratings of any show in cable television history...despite Nielsen numbers showing bigger ratings for his first debate with Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump added he held Biden accountable for his political career. For his part, Biden is hammering Trump's aggressive behavior, calling it a “national embarrassment.”

And about that moment where the President seemingly declined or missed the opportunity to condemn white supremacist groups and the like, reporters asked him about that yesterday. When pressed, the President said he’s “always denounced “any form of that.” He also said he had no idea who the ‘Proud Boys’ are.

Source: C-SPAN