Trump: Govt To Distribute 150-Million Coronavirus Rapid Tests

President Trump has announced that the federal government will distribute 150-million coronavirus rapid tests to states. In an event in the Rose Garden, Trump touted the quality and levels of coronavirus testing in the U.S. and said the U.S. leads the world in testing. He called it "unprecedented."

Trump said results from the rapid tests are available within 15 minutes. But that’s not the only ‘good news,’ Trump again expressed optimism about the development of a coronavirus vaccine and predicted that next year will be great. He said the distribution of a vaccine “will be quick and vast.”

Where do we stand with COVID-19? According to the latest numbers from Johns Hopkins, the United States has confirmed just over seven-point-one-million diagnosed cases across the United States since the beginning – with just over 205-thousand have succumbed to the illness. In good news? Nearly two-point-eight-million people have recovered.

Source: White House