Defense Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman: Illegal To Leak Tax Returns

Defense Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman said that leaking President Trump's tax returns is illegal!

"Well there is definitely an illegality because you're not allowed to leak the tax returns without a subpoena but look the bottom line is nobody cares this is what the press does no matter if it's the Post or the Times. They don't care while destroying someone's life they are not really concerned whether it's done legally. They are just concerned about getting the material and it's not like Trump can do anything at this point," said Lichtman.

Michael asked Jeffrey if the Dems have to be careful not to look like they are beating up on Trump's choice for Supreme Court.

"It doesn't make a difference what they do to her because at the end of the day it's just the votes if the Republicans can convince all of the Senators to vote for her this is over," said Lichtman.

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