Officers Shot In Louisville As Protests Spread Across The Country

As protests spread across the country last night – in the wake of the news surrounding the Breonna Taylor case – demonstrations were overwhelmingly peaceful. That is, except for Louisville, Kentucky, where two police officers are recovering after being shot while trying to calm a crowd of protesters.

At last check, both officers were listed in stable condition. As for what happened, interim police Chief Rob Schroeder says they were shot minutes before a curfew began. The officers were responding to a call of ‘shots fired’ in a crowd – and while deploying – were shot themselves. A suspect is reportedly in custody.

Beyond that, however, tens of thousands have taken to the streets of America after the decision not to charge the officers involved Taylor’s killing. With very few exceptions, there was no violence. At least, not on the part of the protestors. On at least two occasions, where protestors were standing in the road, they were run over.