NYC Mayoral Candidate Bill Pepitone: How Do We Fix New York

New York City Mayoral Candidate Bill Pepitone said that parties need to unite so we can fix New York.

"It's not about Republican, it's not about Democrat anymore it's about the state of the city and how to we fix it. It can't be about party lines we all have to come together and fix this it's to big of a job for one party to do," said Pepitone.

Being that Bill is a retired NYPD officer Michael wanted to know if he spoke to his peers about what they thought about how the Mayor and City Council has treated them.

"They feel abandoned (and) have made it impossible for police officers in New York City to do their jobs which endangers police officers lives and civilian lives," said Pepitone.

To listen to the full conversation with Bill Pepitone check out the podcast below...

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