Trump & CDC Director “Disagree” About Covid Vaccine Timeline

President Trump says CDC Director Robert Redfield "made a mistake" when talking about a timeline for a coronavirus vaccine. During a briefing, Trump told reporters that once approved – perhaps as soon as October – that vaccine doses would start being shipped out immediately.

But that came hours after Redfield told a Senate hearing that he expected that mass distribution wouldn’t really happen until the “second or third quarter of 2021.” That’s next summer. When asked about the disparity, Trump said Redfield put out "incorrect information.” That includes what Redfield said about the importance of wearing masks.

The President has insisted a vaccine would be ready "very soon" and distributed to the public shortly after. “I called him – I said, ‘What did you mean by that?’” Trump told reporters. “I think he just made a mistake. … I think he misunderstood the question. I got the impression that he didn't realize he said what he might’ve said.”

Source: White House