Defense Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman: El Chapo Is A Trump Fan

Defense Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman told us that his client El Chapo is actually a President Trump fan!

"Believe it or not El Chapo is a Trump fan. He actually appreciated the fact that Trump was tough on Muslim terrorism and thought that Obama was a feckless coward. Interestingly enough even though Trump hated El Chapo, El Chapo respected him from afar," said Lichtman while on the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show.

Len asked Jeffrey what his problem is with Rudy's son Andrew Giuliani saying that he wants to run for Mayor.

"Compared to your great liberal leader De Blasio he's probably better but then again so is a 2 by 4 laying on the ground," said Lichtman.

To hear the full conversation with Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman check out the podcast below...