Pres. Trump: Pelosi, Schumer Don't Want Stimulus Deal

If you’re wondering why there’s no movement on a second stimulus package, each side of the aisle is blaming the other. During a White House press conference, President Trump said he’d love to have the Dems to the White House to talk – on one condition: that they come to the table in good faith.

"Don’t say there’s no hope," Trump offered. "I know my customers.... I know (Speaker) Pelosi, I know (Senator) Schumer very well. They don’t wanna make a deal, because they think it’s good for politics if they don’t make a deal. This has nothing to do with anything other than you have to know who you’re dealing with. I do."

Trump went on to say that the House Speaker and Senate Minority Leader “don't have respect for the American people.” He also insists he's taking the high road by not meeting with them. He added that he would hold a meeting immediately if he thought it would lead to something.

Source: C-SPAN