Defense Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman: NYC Is Never Going To Be The Same

Defense Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman said that New York City will never be the same after the coronavirus while on the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show.

"What disgusting two politicians and we just walk around like its normal. Guess what New York City is never going to be the same, people are leaving in droves (and) the tax roles are going to be greatly reduced," said Lichtman after Michael asked him how he thought De Blasio and Cuomo handled the pandemic.

Len asked if the criminal justice system is up and running being that he is returning to court today.

"It's sputtering, this is my first actual appearance in person since March and it's madness," said Lichtman.

To hear the full interview with defense attorney Jeffrey Lichtman check out the podcast below...