Rob Astorino: Can't Imagine Any President Calling Military "Losers"

Political Commentator Rob Astorino said that he can't imagine any President criticizing the military, the way President Trump allegedly did.

"On it's face it's absurd I wouldn't think that any President Obama, Bush, you name it anyone I don't care who you don't like in politics I can't imagine anyone saying this," said Astorino on the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show.

Michael asked Rob what he thought about the report in the Atlantic that stated that President Trump called WWI veterans losers.

"So they take really one of the most disgusting things that a President could say they make it anonymous sources and throw it out there for the rest of the press to comment on as if it was a real story. This is why the press is not trusted anymore by all sides," said Astorino.

To hear the full interview with Rob Astorino check out the podcast below...