New York Fisherman Breakd Record After White Fish Haul

A New York angler caught a large catfish in late August and suspected that he had set a new state record. And while there's still a bit of paperwork to fill out, it appears that this fisherman has reason to celebrate. Chris Brockett caught a white catfish in the Mohawk River in upstate New York on August 22, and at the time, he weighed the fish in at 12 pounds. It reportedly measured 30.5 inches long. The record had been 10.5 pounds, which was set in 1998. The NY Department of Environmental Conservation contacted the man to tell him that he had, in fact, caught a new state record, as officials needed to weigh the fish on a certified scale before acknowledging the achievement. Brockett added that he still has some paperwork to fill out before it’s completely official.

Photo Credit: Getty Images