Pelosi Says Hair Salon Situation Was "Clearly A Setup"

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says her visit to get her hair done indoors at a salon on Monday was “clearly a setup.” She said she trusted a neighborhood salon she has visited often over the years when they told her they could allow one customer in at a time. San Francisco did not allow hair salons to reopen until Tuesday.

An unrepentant Pelosi said she “accepts responsibility for falling for a setup,” and that the salon's owner owes her an apology...but she won’t apologize for the surveillance video showing her walking around without a mask. She did say, that only took her mask off once and that was to get her hair washed.

The speaker wasn’t asked why she didn’t know the city’s rules – it’s her district and she splits her time between her home in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle