Trump Blasts Biden

Sure, Joe Biden had his turn at a podium yesterday – and so did President Trump. And in advance of the President’s planned trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin today, Trump said his opponent and "violent rioters" have something in common: a political perspective.

During a briefing, Trump told reporters that Biden and rioters “share the same talking points.” He added the two sides also share Biden's agenda if he were elected to the White House. Referring to Biden's speech, Trump also insisted the former vice president puts blame for recent violence on law enforcement and police.

Later, during an interview airing on Fox News, Mr. Trump alleged unnamed people in “dark shadows” are actually controlling Biden – though he declined to say who they thought they were. He also blasted officials in Portland for their response to ongoing violent protests citywide. Trump added that residents are tired of the violence and noted that Democrats have "lost control of the radical left."

Source: White House