TWU President John Samuelson: We Will Strike If We Need To

TWU President John Samuelson says they won't make any worker concessions to help the MTA deal with a $12 budget shortfall, telling "Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning" they could take job action to prevent it.

"A strike is always a potential if they put a gun to our head they are going to get a gun pointed right back at them but I'm not talking about a strike in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. We live in the communities we work in (and) we understand the crisis at hand, this why we came to work everyday (in the beginning) of the pandemic," said Samuelson after Michael asked him if the MTA decides to just lay people off would they strike.

Michael also asked Samuelson if the union would be open to looking at changing their contract with the MTA.

"We have absolutely no intention of entering into any concessionary bargaining we've done our part already. We have nearly 100 fatalities from Covid-19 by our front line workers doing their part getting essential workers to the front lines of this fight against coronavirus and we have absolutely no intention of opening our contracts," said Samuelson.

To hear the full interview with TWU President John Samuelson check out the podcast below...