Lakeside Diner Owner Brian Brindisi: Restaurants Need To Exist

Lakeside Diner Owner Brian Brindisi said that restaurants like his need to exist!

"People like us need to be able to exist but exist in the right fashion we opened our doors because we are doing it safely. We are not try and harm anyone, we are not out to just buck the rules and do what we want. We need to be able to exist and that's the whole point of it," said Brindisi while on the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show.

He then told Len and Michael all of the things he has done to be Covid compliant.

"My wife and I have taken a good portion of our savings and we remodeled the whole inside of this restaurant so we would be covid compliant. We spaced everything out and put in a machine that sanitizes the entire restaurant," said Brindisi.

To hear the full convo check out the podcast below...