Dr. Oz: When You Mix Politics With Medicine You Get Politics

Dr. Oz tells the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show that when you mix politics with medicine you get politics!

"The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that obviously when you mix politics with medicine you get politics, the medicine gets squashed. It is really important to let the medical community to apply without fear of being basted in the political arena and I'm happy that the CDC said yes," said Dr. Oz when talking about a new plasma treatment for Covid-19.

Len asked Dr. Oz about his concerns when it comes to false positive tests.

"As we continue to maintain a low incidence in our area of Covid-19 the likelihood of people sneaking in with asymptomatic cases goes down so we all will feel safer and have less cases coming up and it will keep people at work. That's the big battle, not can you go back to work, can you go back to work and stay at work and stay at school," said Dr. Oz.

To listen to the full chat with Dr. Oz check out the podcast below...